It’s your day….
Your wedding day is whatever you want it to be…that’s exactly what Dawn said.  It was the best advice.  We wanted to be married on our boat, wear shorts and flip-flops, have live music and refuse gifts.

On September 10, 2016, Dawn waited on our boat and prepared the crowd for our arrival. We stepped off one boat and onto the wedding boat and the ceremony began.  Dawn read our vows, as if we were reading them to each other. We don’t know anyone who could have done it better. 

Dawn orchestrated the whole event.  She ensured our parents were front and center (and seated), the music was off, but queued up to play when the vows were completed. 

The day was easy, enjoyable and exactly how we wanted it to be.  Thank you Dawn!

– Lisa Fugelsang and John Adornetto